Topic Eye A-Level Geography: Natural Hazards 2018/2019 edition (PDF)

Topic Eye A-Level Geography: Globalisation & Development 2018/19 edition (PDF)

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A 24-page e-magazine containing five topical, thought-provoking articles written to develop students’ analysis and evaluation skills, including Review notes and Response questions. There are accompanying Teacher Notes and PowerPoint-style slides.


• China’s developing world role – the new Silk Road?
A look at the current issues facing China as the global economic powerhouse, and its moves to protect its export-orientated industries by spreading its influence further around the world.
• Zika virus – a ‘globalised’ disease?
The recent emergence of Zika in Latin America poses the threat of a worldwide outbreak of this mosquito-borne viral infection.
• Hyperconnectivity between major world cities
Hyperconnectivity within the context of globalisation and different types of networks.
• Inequality in Cuba
The causes and consequences of inequality in Cuba, the country’s struggle for economic survival and the current uncertainty arising from the election of Donald Trump.
• The Rohingyas – the most persecuted migrants on earth?
The plight of the Rohingyas of Myanmar (Burma) – a mainly Buddhist country – who may be the most persecuted refugees in the world.

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