Bare Bones AQA A-Level Year 2 Business

Bare Bones AQA A-Level Year 2 Business Revision Guide (PDF)

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Analysing the strategic position of a business
Mission, corporate objectives and strategy
Analysing the internal position of a business: financial ratio analysis
Analysing the internal position of a business: overall performance
Analysing the external environment: political and legal change
Analysing the external environment: economic change
Analysing the external social and technological environment
Analysing the external competitive environment
Analysing strategic options: investment appraisal

Choosing strategic direction
Strategic direction: choosing markets and products
Strategic positioning: choosing how to compete

Strategic methods: how to pursue strategies
Assessing a change in scale
Assessing innovation
Assessing internationalisation
Assessing greater use of digital technology

Managing strategic change
Managing change
Managing organisational culture
Managing strategic implementation
Problems with strategy and why strategies fail

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