AQA AS/A-Level Core Geography

AQA AS/A-Level Core Geography

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Extent: 498 pp



Section 1 Physical Geography

Topic 1 Water and carbon cycles
1 Water and carbon cycles as natural systems
2 The water cycle
3 The carbon cycle
4 Water, carbon, climate and life on earth
Topic review questions

Topic 2 Hot desert systems and landscapes
5 Deserts as natural systems
6 Systems and processes
7 Arid landscape development
8 Desertification
Topic review questions

Topic 3 Coastal systems and landscapes
9 Coasts as natural systems
10 Systems and processes
11 Coastal landscape development
12 Coastal management
Topic review questions

Topic 4 Glacial systems and landscapes
13 Glaciers as natural systems
14 The nature and distribution of cold environments
15 Systems and processes
16 Glaciated landscapes
17 Human impacts on glaciated landscapes
Topic review questions

Topic 5 Hazards
18 The concept of hazard in a geographical context
19 Causes of tectonic hazards
20 Volcanic hazards
21 Seismic hazards
22 Storm hazards
23 Wildfires and multiple hazards
Topic review questions

Section 2 Human Geography

Topic 6 Global systems
24 Globalisation
25 Global interdependence
26 International trade and access to markets
27 Globalisation critique
Topic review questions

Topic 7 Global governance
28 Responses to globalisation
29 The ‘global commons’
30 Threats to Antarctica
31 Protection of Antarctica
Topic review questions

Topic 8 Changing places
32 The nature and importance of places
33 Changing places - relationships and connections
34 Places - meaning and representations
35 Place studies
Topic review questions

Topic 9 Contemporary urban environments
36 Urbanisation
37 Urban forms
38 Social and economic issues associated with urban processes
39 Urban climate
40 Urban drainage
41 Urban waste and other contemporary urban environmental issues
42 Sustainable urban development
43 Case studies
Topic review questions

Section 3 Practical Geography

Topic 10 Geographical skills and investigation
44 Geographical skills
45 The geographical investigation involving fieldwork

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