AQA A-Level (Year 2) Economics

AQA A-Level (Year 2) Economics

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Section 1 Individuals, firms, markets & market failure

Topic 1 Economic methodology & the economic problem
Key concepts from Year 1
Exam-style questions

Topic 2 Individual economic decision making
1 Consumer behaviour
2 Imperfect information
3 Aspects of behavioural economic theory
4 Behavioural economics & economic policy
Exam-style questions

Topic 3 Price determination in a competitive market
Key concepts from Year 1
Exam-style questions

Topic 4 Production, costs & revenue
5 The law of diminishing returns & returns to scale
6 Costs of production
7 Economies & diseconomies of scale
8 Marginal, average & total revenue
9 Profit
10 Technological change
Exam-style questions

Topic 5 Perfect competition, imperfectly competitive markets & monopoly
11 Market structures
12 The objectives of firms
13 Perfect competition
14 Monopolistic competition
15 Oligopoly
16 Monopoly & monopoly power
17 Price discrimination
18 The dynamics of competition & competitive market processes
19 The concepts of contestable & non-contestable markets
20 Market structure, static efficiency, dynamic efficiency & resource allocation
21 Consumer & producer surplus
Exam-style questions

Topic 6 The labour market
22 The demand for labour & marginal productivity theory
23 Influences upon the supply of labour to different markets
24 The determination of relative wage rates & levels of employment in perfectly competitive labour markets
25 The determination of relative wage rates & levels of employment in imperfectly competitive labour markets
26 The influence of trade unions in determining wages & levels of employment
27 The national minimum wage
28 Discrimination in the labour market
Exam-style questions

Topic 7 The distribution of income & wealth: poverty & inequality
29 The distribution of income & wealth
30 The problem of poverty
31 Government policies to influence the distribution of income & wealth & to alleviate poverty
Exam-style questions

Topic 8 The market mechanism, market failure & government intervention in markets
32 How markets and prices allocate resources
33 Aspects of market failure
34 Competition policy
35 Public ownership, privatisation, regulation & deregulation of markets
36 Government intervention in markets
Exam-style questions

Section 2 The national & international economy

Topic 9 The measurement of macroeconomic performance
37 Uses of national income data
Exam-style questions

Topic 10 How the macroeconomy works
38 Aggregate demand & the level of economic activity
39 Determinants of long-run aggregate supply
Exam-style questions

Topic 11 Economic performance
40 Economic growth & the economic cycle
41 Employment & unemployment
42 Inflation & deflation
43 Possible conflicts between macroeconomic policy objectives
Exam-style questions

Topic 12 Financial markets & monetary policy
44 The structure of financial markets & financial assets
45 Commercial banks & investment banks
46 Central banks & monetary policy
47 The regulation of the financial system
Exam-style questions

Topic 13 Fiscal policy & supply-side policies
48 Fiscal policy
49 Supply-side policies
Exam-style questions

Topic 14 The international economy
50 Globalisation
51 Trade
52 The balance of payments
53 Exchange rate systems
54 Economic growth & development

Paper 3
Exam-style questions

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