Bare Bones AQA AS/A-Level Year 1 Business Revision Guide (PDF)

Bare Bones AQA AS/A-Level Year 1 Business Revision Guide (PDF)

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What is business?
• The nature and purpose of business
• Different business forms
• Businesses operate within an external environment

Managers, leadership and decision making
• Management, leadership and decision making
• Management decision making
• The role and importance of stakeholders

Decision making to improve marketing performance
• Setting marketing objectives
• Markets and customers
• Segmentation, targeting, positioning
• Using the marketing mix

Decision making to improve operational performance
• Setting operational objectives
• Analysing operational performance
• Increasing efficiency and productivity
• Improving quality
• Managing inventory and supply chains

Decision making to improve financial performance
• Setting financial objectives
• Analysing financial performance
• Sources of finance
• Improving cash flow and profits

Decision making to improve human resource performance
• Setting human resource objectives
• Analysing human resource performance
• Improving organisational design and managing the human resource flow
• Improving motivation and engagement
• Improving employer-employee relations

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