AQA AS/A-Level (Year 1) Economics

AQA AS/A-Level (Year 1) Economics

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Section 1 Individuals, firms, markets & market failure

Topic 1 Economic methodology & the economic problem
1 Economic methodology
2 The nature & purpose of economic activity
3 Economic resources
4 Scarcity, choice & the allocation of resources
5 Production possibility diagrams
Exam-style questions

Topic 2 Price determination in a competitive market
6 The determinants of the demand for goods & services
7 Price, income & cross elasticities of demand
8 The determinants of the supply of goods & services
9 Price elasticity of supply
10 The determination of equilibrium market prices
11 The interrelationship between markets
Exam-style questions

Topic 3 Production, costs & revenue
12 Production & productivity
13 Specialisation, division of labour & exchange
14 Costs of production
15 Economies & diseconomies of scale
16 Average revenue, total revenue & profit
Exam-style questions

Topic 4 Competitive & concentrated markets
17 Market structures
18 The objectives of firms
19 Competitive markets
20 Monopoly & monopoly power
21 The competitive market process
Exam-style questions

Topic 5 The market mechanism, market failure & government
intervention in markets

22 How markets & prices allocate resources
23 The meaning of market failure
24 Public goods, private goods & quasi-public goods
25 Positive & negative externalities in consumption & production
26 Merit & demerit goods
27 Market imperfections
28 An inequitable distribution of income & wealth
29 Government intervention in markets
30 Government failure
Exam-style questions

Section 2 The national economy in a global context

Topic 6 The measure of macroeconomic performance
31 The objectives of government economic policy
32 Macroeconomic indicators
33 Uses of index numbers
Exam-style questions

Topic 7 How the macroeconomy works
34 The circular flow of income
35 The determinants of aggregate demand and the multiplier effect
36 The determinants of aggregate supply
37 Aggregate demand & aggregate supply analysis
Exam-style questions

Topic 8 Economic performance
38 Economic growth & the economic cycle
39 Employment & unemployment
40 Inflation & deflation
41 The balance of payments on current account
42 Possible conflicts between macroeconomic policy objectives
Exam-style questions

Topic 9 Macroeconomic policy
43 Monetary policy
44 Fiscal policy
45 Supply-side policies
Exam-style questions

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