Population & Health 2014/2015 edition (PDF)

Population & Health 2014/2015 edition (PDF)

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A 24-page e-magazine containing five topical, thought-provoking articles written to develop students’ analysis and evaluation skills, including Review notes and Response questions. There are accompanying Teacher Notes and PowerPoint-style slides.


  • Dengue fever - the next global threat?
    Dengue fever is prevalent in sub-tropical and tropical regions. What is this ‘new’ malaria, what causes it and how can it be addressed?
  • ‘Non-communicable diseases’ in the developing world
    Contrary to popular opinion, nearly 80% of NCD deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries. In what ways are the resultant issues in the developing world different from elsewhere?
  • The significance of the 2011 Census
    How will the results of the UK’s 2011 Census impact on local and regional planning and on the allocation of government resources?
  • Changing healthcare provision in the USA and UK
    The provision of healthcare in the USA and UK is undergoing a transformation. What are the changes and why have they caused so much controversy?
  • The demographic dividend - a window of opportunity?
    A study of how a rising share of economically active people has benefited countries such as China and Brazil. Are there similar prospects for sub-Saharan Africa?

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