Natural Hazards 2014/2015 edition (PDF)

Natural Hazards 2014/2015 edition (PDF)

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A 24-page e-magazine containing five topical, thought-provoking articles written to develop students’ analysis and evaluation skills, including Review notes and Response questions. There are accompanying Teacher Notes and PowerPoint-style slides.


  • Is climate change affecting natural hazards?
    A study of the relationship between natural hazards and climate change, with particular focus on the magnitude and intensity of different event types.
  • ‘Frankenstorm’ - the devastation of Hurricane Sandy
    A look at how this storm affected the Caribbean, generating little media coverage, and then became a ‘superstorm’ that affected a developed area, generating extensive media coverage.
  • Assessing the influence of El Nino and La Nina
    Are these natural phenomena the real reason for climate change and increasing natural hazards? What exactly are they and what are their ‘global’ effects?
  • The Christchurch earthquake and its long-term impact
    This earthquake is now impacting on migration to and from New Zealand, and internal school policies within the city itself. There are building standards issues, and problems with the outcome of liquefaction.
  • Tohoku 2011 - hope beyond the disaster?
    An examination of the strategies adopted by the Japanese government after the calamitous Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, and the factors that will influence their success.

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