Development & Globalisation  2014/15 edition (PDF)

Development & Globalisation 2014/15 edition (PDF)

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A 24-page e-magazine containing five topical, thought-provoking articles written to develop students’ analysis and evaluation skills, including Review notes and Response questions. There are accompanying Teacher Notes and PowerPoint-style slides.


  • Keeping up with the ‘jans’ and ‘stans’
    An examination of the potential of the central Asian republics, such as Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, as new economic powerhouses.
  • How can the MDGs be delivered to sub-Saharan Africa?
    To what extent will the availability of affordable food and fuel, coupled with the squeeze on aid as a result of low global growth rates, impact on the pace of advancement in readiness for 2015?
  • The rise of Indian transnational corporations
    An assessment of the remarkable growth of Indian TNCs, such as Tata and Mahindra, within and beyond the home country.
  • The Arab Spring - a generation in waiting
    An analysis of the wave of discord that is taking place in the Arab world. What are the implications for the people and for the global economy?
  • The Southern Silk Road
    An examination of the increasing influence of China in Latin America and southern Asia, including the prospect of an alternative ‘dry’ Panama Canal, and China’s intentions along the Indian Ocean coastline.

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