Changing Cities 2014/2015 edition (PDF)

Changing Cities 2014/2015 edition (PDF)

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A 24-page e-magazine containing five topical, thought-provoking articles written to develop students’ analysis and evaluation skills, including Review notes and Response questions. There are accompanying Teacher Notes and PowerPoint-style slides.


  • From London to Rio - the Olympic legacy
    The London Olympics redeveloped the East End of London. To what extent will the Rio Olympics focus on regeneration?
  • What future for the high street?
    The UK high street is a familiar and central part of the urban landscape, but what will be its significance and relevance in the twenty-first century?
  • Johannesburg - a city of acute disparity
    Johannesburg exhibits a huge range of wealth within a burgeoning economic area. Away from the ‘traditional’ shanty towns, what are the social and economic pressures?
  • Urban growth in the American Southwest - Phoenix, Arizona
    In 2010, census numbers revealed that in Phoenix the Hispanic population grew far faster than other groups over the previous decade. What are the social, economic and political implications for this expanding city?
  • Smart cities - new forms of urban development
    A look at how cities are becoming, or attempting to become, more sustainable in terms of waste management, transport, jobs and housing.

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