Literary Eye GCSE English: Reading & Writing Non-Fiction - The Student Toolkit Set of 5

Literary Eye GCSE English: Reading & Writing Non-Fiction - The Student Toolkit Set of 5

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Author: Steve Eddy

The essential student guide to understanding and writing non-fiction texts

This revised edition of Reading & Writing Non-Fiction – The Student Toolkit teaches all the key reading and writing skills required to enable your students to succeed at GCSE, from analysing word choices and font selections to planning and proofreading their own work.

Through a series of structured activities based on a range of extracts, this 24-page magazine teaches students to understand how texts are written and presented to target audiences and how to evaluate their effectiveness.

It also provides invaluable guidance for students on how to organise ideas and information and write clearly and effectively for a specific genre, audience and purpose.

A 46-page set of Teacher Notes providing responses, where appropriate, to activities in the magazine, a range of Starter and Extension activities and a series of photocopiable Activity Sheets is also available in PDF format (priced £30.00 + VAT). Place a single order for five or more Student Sets (i.e. 25 or more copies) and we will email you the Teacher Notes absolutely FREE.


Reading skills

  • Locate and select: types of reading
  • Understand, explain and infer
  • Analyse word choices and language techniques
  • Identify genre, audience and purpose
  • Register and tone
  • Collate and compare

Reading different types of text

  • Writing that explores, argues or persuades
  • Writing that entertains
  • Descriptive writing
  • Narrative non-fiction
  • Writing that reviews
  • Writing that informs, explains and advises
  • Sample comparison task

Writing skills

  • Understand the writing task
  • Plan and organise
  • Use language devices
  • Write effective sentences

Writing for different purposes

  • Write to inform, explain or describe
  • Write to argue or persuade
  • Genre and audience
  • Checking your work
  • Sample response

Student Sets

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Teacher Notes

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