Literary Eye GCSE English: Poetry - The Student Toolkit (Second edition) Set of 5

Literary Eye GCSE English: Poetry - The Student Toolkit (Second edition) Set of 5

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Author: Steve Eddy

An invaluable skills-based student guide to reading poetry critically

Poetry - The Student Toolkit teaches a step-by-step approach to analysing and comparing poems, enabling students to develop and articulate an informed personal response.

Using a series of carefully constructed exercises, this essential 16-page guide will teach students the analytical skills they need to tackle both seen and unseen poems at GCSE. Drawing on contemporary and Literary Heritage poems in both the new AQA and WJEC anthologies and widely available on the Internet, Poetry - The Student Toolkit explains how poetry works, provides students with a reliable method for responding to unseen poems and writing comparisons, and illustrates this process with worked examples.

Ideal both for classroom use and revision, this invaluable guide to an area of the curriculum that so many students find problematic is priced at just £2.50 a copy, so every student can afford a copy.

A 32-page set of Teacher Notes containing responses to the exercises in the magazine, together with worksheets and further exercises for use in the classroom, is also available (priced £30.00 + VAT). Place a single order for 25 or more copies of the magazine and we will email you the Teacher Notes absolutely FREE.


How poetry works

  • What is poetry?
  • Mood, voice and persona
  • Structure and narrative
  • How language reflects themes
  • Layers of meaning
  • Unpacking imagery
  • Rhythm, rhyme and sound effects

Responding to poetry

  • How to write about a poem
  • How to compare poems
  • Example: a single poem
  • Example: comparing poems (approach 1)
  • Example: comparing poems (approach 2)

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