GCSE Geography Resource Files

Designed to save you hours of preparation time, JustTeach GCSE Geography Resource Files offer fully resourced lesson ideas based on carefully structured student activities. The objective is to provide much
needed practical teacher support materials, with an emphasis on teaching geographical skills (a major element of the new specifications).

Edited by experienced teacher and author Simon Ross, the Files cover key ‘topic areas’ common across the GCSE specifications. The aim is to provide interesting and engaging activity sheets that address the delivery of geographical content through skills-based practical activities and interpretation of maps, diagrams and photographs.

Each unit has a similar structure, with the following components:

  • Introductory text reinforcing geographical specification content.
  • Use of a range of data (photographs, tables, maps, sketches, etc.).
  • Some ‘doing’ constructional activities, including decision-making exercises, with the aim of covering as many different skills as possible
    across the whole File.
  • An incremental increase in level of difficulty and use of command word language, including at least one higher-level question (‘justify’, ‘to what extent’, ‘evaluate’, ‘discuss’, etc.). The style of exam questions is emulated where possible, with a mark allocation.
  • One online activity – an opportunity to use a broader range of resources such as video etc.

This clear structure means that these activity sheets can be used effectively both in the classroom and for independent learning (homework, teacher absence). PowerPoint-style presentations are also provided, comprising activity sheet resources and suggested answers to the activities.

These Files will not only enrich your teaching but also save you valuable time.

Each File is published in PDF format and a download link is provided by email. Although all material is copyright, a network and photocopying licence permits distribution to students within the purchasing institution, making these highly focused teaching resources extremely cost effective. The authors, Simon Ross, Dominic Atkinson and Rebecca Tudor, are very experienced teachers and writers who understand the needs and demands of the classroom.

Key features

  • Fully resourced lesson and homework ideas
  • Engaging and highly visual activity sheets
  • Strong emphasis on geographical skills
  • Written by experienced teachers
  • Network and photocopying licence

JustTeach GCSE Geography Resource Files are published in PDF format. A download link is provided by email, so please remember to provide your email address when ordering.