Just Teach

A-Level Economics Resource Files

Designed to save teachers hours of preparation time, JustTeach Resource Files offer fully resourced lesson ideas based on up-to-date case studies linked to carefully structured student activities. Written by Ray Powell and James Powell, who have a wealth of teaching, examining and writing experience and fully understand the needs and demands of the classroom, the Files are suitable for all A-level specifications and comprise:

  • lesson ideas with carefully structured student activities;
  • a range of highly visual resources that can be photocopied and handed out to students together with accompanying question sheets;
  • PowerPoint-style presentations for classroom use, providing answer guidance for the question sheets.

The Files supplement rather than replace the use of Economics textbooks. While there is some coverage of standard economic theory, the focus of these Files is on highly topical aspects of the real-world economy that can be used to reinforce this theory. For example, while Topics 1 and 2 in Markets cover the standard theory on how markets work and fail, the subsequent topics explore in detail a range of interesting cases, such as the sports and housing markets. The topics selected for each File are illustrated with up-to-date examples that have been carefully chosen because they will be highly relevant for many years to come.

The activities are based on case materials provided in the form of resource handouts, which means that the lesson ideas are still useful in the event of staff absence.

Priced at £80.00 (+ £16.00 VAT), each File, comprising approximately 120 pages and 200 PowerPoint-styles slides, is published in PDF format and a download link is provided by email. Although all material is copyright, a network and photocopying licence permits distribution to students within the purchasing institution, making these highly focused teaching resources extremely cost effective.

Key features

  • Up-to-date case studies
  • Activity-focused lesson ideas
  • Highly visual resources
  • Written by experienced teachers
  • Stand-alone resources ideal for staff absences
  • Network and photocopying licence
  • Outstanding value for money

JustTeach A-Level Economics Resource Files are published in PDF format. A download link is provided by email, so please remember to provide your email address when ordering.