GCSE English Resource Files

Created by experienced teacher and examiner Steve Eddy to save you hours of preparation time, each JustTeach Resource File provides a comprehensive range of lesson notes and photocopiable worksheets with engaging student exercises. Suggested answers are provided either on Answer sheets or on PowerPoint-style slides.

Reading & Writing Non-Fiction

  • Section 1 covers reading skills, such as inferring information, commenting on imagery, and identifying genre, audience and purpose.
  • Section 2 adopts a modelling approach, using sample texts to demonstrate the key features of writing types, such as writing to review or writing to argue, and guides students through the processes of commenting critically on these texts and writing their own in a similar vein. It also covers presentation features and text comparison.
  • Section 3 concentrates on improving students’ writing skills, including planning and proofreading, sentence construction and punctuation, broadening vocabulary, and writing for the exam.

Speaking & Listening

Speaking & Listening will develop students’ oral skills for the new English curriculum, skills that will be of use in the exploration of literary texts, in discussing issues in all subjects, and in many situations in adult life.

  • Section 1 covers general communication skills, such as listening for key information, explaining, expressing an opinion, and speaking in standard English.
  • Section 2 focuses on presentation skills, important in many work situations, including business, but also valuable in exploring literature. It covers individual, paired and group presentation, and responding to feedback.
  • Section 3 concentrates on listening and responding, with worksheets on contributing to a discussion, chairing a discussion, reaching agreement, and disagreeing constructively.

The Files will not only enrich your teaching but also save you valuable preparation time. Many lessons notes include Starter activities and Extension work, and give hints for differentiation for many of the worksheets.

Published in PDF format, the Files are delivered via a download link provided by email. Although all material is copyright, a network and photocopying licence permits distribution to students within the purchasing institution year after year, making these highly focused teaching resources extremely cost effective.

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JustTeach GCSE English Resource Files are published in PDF format. A download link is provided by email, so please remember to provide your email address when ordering.