Topic Eye A-Level Geography 2020/2021

Four single-topic student e-magazines

With new editions published every two years to ensure topicality, this hugely popular magazine series for students has now established itself in over 1,000 schools and colleges.

The completely new 2020/2021 editions of Changing Places, Globalisation & Development, Natural Hazards and Systems & Landscapes are delivered as PDFs so that this invaluable resource series can be used with ALL students at an institution, year after year, making it outstanding value for money.

Written by a select team of leading authors and examiners, the series covers topics central to exam-board specifications, with each 24-page issue containing five topical, thought-provoking articles written to develop students’ analysis and evaluation skills. Each article also includes:

  • Review notes summarising the key points of the article, exploring the broader issues raised and setting the analysis in context;
  • a Response section providing questions carefully designed to enable students to Assimilate the content of the article, develop their Evaluation skills by tackling exam-style questions and Extend their knowledge by undertaking further research.

There are approximately five pages of Teacher Notes and 60 PowerPoint-style slides to support each e-magazine: the Teacher Notes suggest how the articles might be integrated into a teaching programme; the slides include key illustrations and offer bullet-pointed guidance on possible answers to the Evaluation questions provided in the Response section of each article.

Priced at just £30.00, each e-magazine comes with a site-specific network licence enabling unlimited access for all staff and students. A download link is sent by email to purchasing institutions.


Purchase all four titles for just £90.00.

Key features

  • All magazines are available at the start of the academic year
  • Written by experienced examiners and directly related to exam-board specifications
  • Challenging but accessible content, designed to develop students’ higher-level skills
  • A two-year cycle of new editions ensures topicality
  • Outstanding value for money
  • Teacher support material provided, helping you integrate articles into a teaching programme
  • An invaluable A-level resource also suitable for students following the IB, Pre-U and Higher-level Scottish courses


About previous editions

“Really excellent. Pitched at just the right level with very up-to-date case studies. I am really excited about using Topic Eye with my groups.”
H. Boyes, Head of Department, Eastbourne College

“The level of challenge and the thought-provoking questions have been excellent for our students.”
T. Davison, Head of Department, Torquay Girls’ Grammar School

Titles in the Topic Eye A-Level Geography 2018/2019 series are still available - click on the Titles tab at the top of the page for more information.
The TOPIC EYE A-Level Geography 2020/2021 and 2018/19 series are only available in PDF format. A download link is provided by email, so please remember to provide your email address when ordering.