Bare Bones Revision Guides

AS | A-Level Economics

By paring down the content of the exam board specifications to their essentials, each Bare Bones Revision Guide offers students a visually appealing magazine that is perfect for revision.

Written by experienced teachers and authors John Wolinski and Malcolm Surridge, each distils the essential content of a unit of study as clearly and succinctly as possible. A lively layout with a range of headings, key words, bullet-pointed lists and simple diagrams combines with the careful application of colour to facilitate the revision process and assist recall.

Each Bare Bones Revision Guide opens with a section About the specification, the mark allocation and the skills required for success. The subsequent revision Notes are highly focused, carefully structured and clearly presented. The Notes are punctuated throughout with Exam Tips, which provide students with advice on how to improve exam performance, what the examiner is looking for and how to avoid common pitfalls. Regular Number Crunching activities enable students to practise data handling.

Answers to the Number Crunching exercises for the AQA and Edexcel AS/A-Level Year 1 Economics Revision Guides can be found by clicking on SAMPLES and then on Sample 1 for the relevant title. Answers to the Number Crunching exercises for the OCR AS/A-Level Year 1 Economics Revision Guide can be found on page 45 of the magazine.

Key features

  • Highly focused revision notes
  • Invaluable exam advice
  • Colourful magazine format
  • Exceptional value
  • Choice of format - paper or electronic

AQA AS and A-Level Question and Answer Guides

Bare Bones Question and Answer Guides are now available for both AQA AS and A-level and make ideal companions to the AQA AS/A-Level 
Year 1 and A-Level Year 2 Revision Guides. Written to help students with exam practice, they provide full sample papers, together with A-grade sample answers with commentaries that demonstrate exactly what the examiners are looking for.

Electronic format

In order to provide schools with maximum flexibility, each Bare Bones Guide can also be purchased in electronic (PDF) format. Although all material is copyright, an institution purchasing the electronic version of a Guide receives a licence permitting distribution of the guide to all students within the purchasing institution, year after year. It therefore represents outstanding value for money.


Printed magazine titles are sold in Student Sets of five. A ‘set’ contains five copies of the same magazine.

Postage and packing is charged at £4.95 per magazine order to mainland UK addresses. For orders to non-mainland UK and overseas addresses, please contact our Sales department (Contact).


Electronic versions of the titles are identical to the printed copies but are delivered in PDF format. Each PDF comes with a school-specific licence permitting distribution only to students attending the purchasing institution. The PDFs are delivered via a download link sent to you by email.