Bare Bones Revision Guides

AQA AS | A-Level Sociology

By paring down the content of the AQA specification to its essentials, each Bare Bones Revision Guide offers students a visually appealing digital magazine that is perfect for revision, priced at just £3.00.

Written by experienced teachers, each colour guide distils the essential content of the AQA unit of study as clearly and succinctly as possible. A lively layout with a range of headings, key words and bullet-pointed lists facilitates the revision process and assists recall.

Key features

  • Clear and succinct revision notes with up-to-date information and statistics.
  • Exam Tips providing students with invaluable advice on how to improve exam performance, what the examiner is looking for and common pitfalls to avoid.
  • Evaluation sections assessing the contributions of key sociologists and their ideas.
  • Question Analysis which suggests how to approach exam questions, identifying the relevant knowledge required, showing how to apply the skills of Interpretation, Analysis, Application and Evaluation, and giving practical advice about how to organise answers.

Electronic format

The Bare Bones Revision Guides are provided in electronic (PDF) format only. Although all material is copyright, an institution purchasing the electronic version of a Guide receives a site network licence. As this permits distribution of the Guide to all students within the purchasing institution, year after year, it represents outstanding value for money.


The Bare Bones Revision Guides are provided in electronic (PDF) format only. Each PDF comes with a site network licence permitting distribution only to students attending the purchasing institution. The PDFs are delivered via a download link sent to you by email.